Bridge City Coffee


History Bridge City began in 2017 as the dream of owners Jon Quigg and Greg Ward. Their shared missional focus of impact employment has carried them from roasting out of a 10’ x 10’ shed, to a windowless warehouse that would suck the life out of the brightest soul, and now to their first storefront location in Greenville. Greg and Jon are both incredibly humbled that the dream they had years ago is coming to life.

Mission We are an impact driven organization seeking to model how for-profit businesses can truly put people first — our employees, customers, farmers, and the community at large. For us, coffee is a means to achieve a greater end. Though it is a delicious means that we enjoy and take pride in, our end goal is to use it to bring about a community in which people are equipped to take care of themselves so they can better help those around them.

Employee Training We are currently partnered with three non-profits to help young adults transition well into the real world, which too often is cold, harsh, and doesn’t care about where you came from. Our goal is to pick up where our partner organizations leave off and bridge the gap between non-profit services and real world employment. Our goal with all of our employees is to help provide them with a deeper level of self-awareness to give them meaningful and sustainable careers beyond their time at Bridge City.