Cohesive Coffee


A place to belong.

Everyone wants a place to belong. It’s part of our DNA- and at Cohesive Coffee, we are no different.

When we started dreaming about a new cafe space in Greenville, SC- we knew we wanted a place for community. A place where everyone has a seat at the table. Where kindness is cool, and every drink is a work of art. We wanted a place where we don’t have customers, we have family.

Cohesive Coffee is a place where the coffee connoisseur and the sporadic coffee drinker come together. Where there are no judgements for adding a splash of milk- or just a splash of coffee!

Conveniently located 3 miles from downtown Greenville, Cohesive Coffee is located inside the Junction at Downtown Airport. A perfect setting for business meetings, playdates, and much more- Cohesive Coffee offers a fun and vibrant atmosphere with expertly crafted coffee and teas.