Kuka Juice


__We are proud to be the very first cold-pressed juicery in Greenville and the Upstate. We are not your typical juice bar, our cold-pressed juicing method allows you to receive 3-5 times more vitamins and nutrients than your typical fresh juice. __

At kuka juice, our mission is to provide fresh, delicious, cold-pressed juices, in order to promote healthy and happy lifestyles to people of all walks of life. With our knowledge and enthusiasm for nutrition and wellness, we aim to fulfill the health needs within our community and ignite a juicing movement.  Juice isn’t just for the veteran vegans, it’s for all shapes and sizes. We hope to show you how incorporating our juices as a part of your daily routine will improve all aspects of your life.

By striving to obtain the majority of our fruits and vegetables from local farms and secondarily from organic suppliers, we support local agriculture and responsible farming practices. In special incidences of fruits and vegetables that just aren’t locally/organically available, we scrutinize them long and hard to ensure their growing practices meet our upmost standards (yeah, when it comes to produce- you could call us high maintenance). We also give all of our fruit and vegetable pulp and scraps to Merciful Farms to feed their farm animals.  Come join us as we create a community throughout the Upstate united by a passion to live healthy lifestyles fueled by fresh, cold-pressed juices!